Vizianagaram Bus Station

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Vizianagaram is the main city in Vizianagaram District, Vizianagaram is situated in North East of Andhra Pradesh of South India. Vizianagaram was formed on 1st June 1979.Vizianagaram is covered with Forts and their lands.The total population in Vizianagaram District is arround 22 lakhs which covers 34 Revenue Mandals and over 1500 villages.

There are famous places to visit in Vizianagaram like Vizianagaram Fort, Gantastambham, Motimahal, Oudh Khana, Alakananda Palace, Korukonda Palace, Perla Home, Bobilli Fort, Thotapalli Barage, Pydthalli Ammavaru Temple, Ramathirtham and many more.

Vizianagaram is filled with Shopping Malls and Vizianagaram is famous for its Textile Market.

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Vizianagaram Maps and Vizianagaram Area information are also available in this website. Vizianagaram - APSRTC Bus Depot

Vizianagaram - RTC Complex

Vizianagaram - City Bus Stand

Vizianagaram - Kota Centre

Vizianagaram - Old Bus Station

Vizianagaram - Nellimarla RTC Complex

Vizianagaram - Tunivalasa Bus Stop

Vizianagaram - Way to Bhogapuram

Vizianagaram - RamaThirtham Bus Stop

Vizianagaram - Madhuvalasa

Vizianagaram - Bondapalli Bus Stop

Vizianagaram - Konada Junction Bus Stop

Vizianagaram - Bondapalli Main Bus Stop

Vizianagaram - Sri Basaveswara Temple

Vizianagaram - Kotha Kopperla

Vizianagaram - buradapadu junction

Vizianagaram - Maharanipeta Junction

Vizianagaram - Yerukonda Junction Bus Stop

Vizianagaram - Nadipilli Bus Stop

Vizianagaram - Bura Peta Bus Station

Vizianagaram Bus Station